Jonathan Stangroom

About the Artist:

Jonathan Stangroom is a Boston-area painter & conceptual artist and independent art handler, delivering & installing artwork for area galleries & art consultants over the course of his art career.  Stangroom holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA.  His artworks have been shown internationally and are represented in permanent collections through Meditech, Babson College, First National Bank of Boston and Putnam Administration Services Company.

Artist’s Statement:

I consider these paintings to be goofy drawings with serious paint.

The drawing alludes to the landscapes found in “Rocky and Bullwinkle” or “Dudley Do-Right” cartoons. With them, I strive for a kind of crude and simple elegance.

The paint handling becomes more sophisticated, incorporating techniques that bespeak pointillism with layers of transparent glazing.

Many of my paintings reference prominent figures in art history, including Georgio De Chirico, Philip Guston, Neil Jenney, Jim Nutt, Maxfield Parrish and William T. Wiley.

I also paint watercolors en plein air to further study the landscape in real time. I am currently working on a series painted on tree cross sections as commentary on our environmental practices, deforestation and land use.


jstangroom (at)


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